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WE ARE DANCE OF DOOM!!! Hear us roar and stuff!!! We are a social guild in the Winterhoof realm of World of Warcraft.  We are a friendly group of people who are always looking to level, play, and learn more about the game.  Let's face it, sometimes it's easy to feel clueless about it all.  So, if you are looking for general game advice ("you can get that item in such and such instance"), philosophical advice ("To twink or not to twink...") or even health advice ("Careful, STDs are BoP!") we will be here for you.  We can often be found dancing like fools in the streets of SW, and if you find other people dancing there don't join them. They are mindless followers. Anyway we are constantly looking for new members of all levels and races (except maybe really hairy gnomes... and politicians).  Join us, and together we shall take over the world!!! (of warcraft) MUAH HA HA HA... ahem... what??

To our members:
Welcome to your new website!! There are lots of features here, including forums, guides, news and blogs all for you guys.  It is going to be part of our new policy that you log in to this site regularly and see what's new.  This way we can all keep in touch and up to speed on guild events, policies, new ideas, and of course, guild gossip.  There will also be rewards given to active website..ers... yeah.  Anyway have fun with it!!

Warning: Guild may contain nuts. People with allergies are advised not to eat members of our guild.
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Date My Avatar

Doomcatgm, Aug 13, 10 1:07 AM.

new "the guild" video

Doomcatgm, Aug 13, 10 1:04 AM.

Yeah, that's right. ANOTHER 80!!!

Doomcatgm, Aug 8, 10 12:39 AM.
GRATS TO ROW!!!!! She has leveled her rogue, Charrones, to 80!!!!!

Congrats ZAL!

droll526, Aug 5, 10 11:14 PM.
Congrats to Zal who got the achievement (5 Exalted Reputations) on 8/5/2010 way to go buddy!

Run This Raid

Rowyne, Aug 2, 10 6:10 PM.
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